Irina Avilova

Irina Avilova 

Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, I have been painting and drawing all my life.  I never attended any art colleges or schools.  Intuitively and passionately polishing my skills from one painting to the next, I have developed my own style, closest to impressionists, which is still constantly evolving and changing.  I love exhibiting my work because I believe that art is about people with different experiences and backgrounds deriving their own emotional associations and their interpretations from viewing my paintings. 

My work was noticed in the very first exhibit I participated in 2006, when my Moscow at Night painting became the People’s Choice Award winner.  Since that time my artwork has been part of multiple regional, national and international exhibits, including two personal shows.  My Dream of New York painting was mentioned in the local newspaper.  My paintings are in private and public art collections. 

What you see in my paintings is a reflection of my multi-cultural background.  I came to the United States in 1999 by myself being a very young girl.  Since then I have been missing my family and my hometown, Moscow, only more and more.  Many of my paintings reflect that.  In other paintings you will see my travels or the dreams of travels (i.e. places I have never been to).  I am fascinated with cityscapes, because big cities around the world, like New York and Paris, remind me of Moscow with its dynamics and sleeplessness.   Back in Russia I was also a dancer.  I have been always fascinated with dance.  One of my artistic plans for the future is to paint more about dance.

I currently mostly work with oil.  I love the texture it creates.  I love experimenting with it and find oil the most challenging medium to work with.   The challenge is having enough patience to let each layer of the paint dry, which makes completion of an oil painting a lengthy and risky process.  I also enjoy using gouache, watercolor and make drawings with pencil, charcoal, pen or anything I find handy.  

I value my status of a self-taught artist.  I think it means that what you see on my paintings is pure creativity, uninfluenced and unbiased by the fear of what or how is right or wrong to paint.  I am a true optimist, and I think it shows in my art through the bright colors, casual beauty and sparkles of light here and there.  I believe in the beauty of life, every person and every moment.  My art gives me an opportunity to highlight such beauty in something that strikes and inspires me. 


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