Racing at Sunset

© Irina Avilova | All Rights Reserved

Racing at Sunset
           Inspired by Irina Avilova’s
Racing at Sunset

Enhanced reflections,
Of mirrored reality,
Or decaying senses,
Of brutal mortality;

Blue horses on sunlit field,
Dancing from fear,
Or overflowing energy,
Subjective views in the sun’s shadow,
A cave allegory upon a meadow.

One holds fast and doesn’t fear,
While he sees the others veer,
A beautiful mare or hunter with a gun,
Danger equal, yet he does run.

To steady his pack he holds his reigns,
To lead this troop,
Is in his veins.
Not by words, but by reaction,
On a sunlit day,
Perception drives action.

Robert Lawrence

Racing at Sunset


18” x 24”